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More than 30 years of innovation and technology for clean water

More than 30 years of innovation and technology for clean water

Ever since the early 1990’s our focus has been on water treatment. We know that water is a common resource. It is borrowed from nature. We are obliged to return it in as pure a state as when we removed it from nature. This is Sterner’s main goal.

Delivering water treatment to four markets; aquaculture, municipal, marine and industry, we use several process technologies which we combine to develop sustainable solutions while focusing on clean and safe water.

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Whether you need a turnkey solution or individual components, you can be sure that Sterner will deliver products of the highest quality, tailored to your needs.

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, working closely to further develop innovative solutions. Many of our staff members are experts within their specialized fields of engineering, technology, microbiology, biology and automation.

Our values

Our vision is to adapt modern water treatment technology into economical, user-friendly and secure solutions, where service life and operating costs are advantageous.

Our progress is founded on an understanding of the market’s needs, as well as the ability to use technology and apply relevant control systems. Our engineering has made a strong contribution to the modernising of land-based fish farming Internationally, where our solutions are still leading the field.

We have put sustainability high on the agenda, we develop solutions that ensure low emissions and systems that do not harm the environment. There is only one future, and we want to play a part in its Development.

Our references

Client cooperation is the key

To ensure success, close cooperation with our clients is a key part of our way of working. Our deep knowledge in water treatment makes is possible to understand specific needs and turn challenges into solutions. As a team we create smart systems that work. See our references here.