OxyGuard Co2 portable

The OxyGuard CO2 gives simple, continuous and direct measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide in the water that will affect the fish.

The OxyGuard CO2 Portable is a reliable and easy to use instrument that measures the free dissolved carbon dioxide concentration directly in the water. The CO2 concentration is shown on the display, and there is an analogue output. A version with built-in data logger is available.

OxyGuard Handy Polaris TGP

Handheld instrument to measure total gas %VOL, O2 %vol and RES %vol (Nitrogen, Argon and CO2). The content of argon and CO2 is below 1% of this value.

The OxyGuard Handy Polaris TGP (Total Gas Pressure) is a hand-held gas pressure meter. It can operate in three modes, one where it acts as a standard Handy Polaris dissolved oxygen (DO) meter, one where it is a total gas pressure meter that shows pressures as percent saturation values and one where it is a total gas pressure meter that shows pressures as volume percentages.

The Handy Polaris TGP is designed for easy use and to give accurate here-and-now measurements of the total dissolved gas pressure. The instrument also has a dissolved oxygen and temperature sensor and can display values of total gas, dissolved oxygen and residual gas, i.e. gas other than oxygen. These can be shown as percent saturation values or as volume percentage values. The Handy Polaris TGP can also be used as a standard Handy Polaris 2 DO meter.

OxyGuard Handy Salinity

A handheld measuring instrument for salinity with measuring range 5-50 PPT

The Handy Salinity is a hand-held instrument specially designed for aquaculture use. Factory calibration and automatic temperature compensation make it very easy to use. The display shows the salinity directly. Temperature is also measured and shown in the display.
The instrument incorporates automatic check functions to ensure reliability. The probe is designed to be as trouble-free as possible, with features specially suited for aquacultural use.

OxyGuard Handy Atmosphere

A hand-held meter designed to measure oxygen in the air.

Signal processing is performed using a microprocessor, which gives a number of advantages. Just as with other Handy instruments you can simply switch on and measure, but the use of microprocessor technology enables measurements to be supported by a range of advanced functions designed to make things even easier for you:

• Automatic Calibration
• Choice of Language
• Oxygen, temperature, barometric pressure. • Automatic self-check
• Automatic Probe Check
• Barometric Pressure Compensation
• Extremely long battery life

OxyGuard Handy Redox/pH

The OxyGuard Handy pH is a hand-held, pocket-size pH or Redox meter designed for use in demanding wet environments.

The meter itself and the electrode assembly are waterproof. This instrument does not suffer from the classical problems associated with pH meters – the Handy pH is sealed so that water cannot enter the top of the electrode or the electronics. You can drop it into the water without damaging it! In the Handy pH, these advantages are combined with microprocessor technology to give an instrument that is exceptionally easy to use.

OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2

The Handy Polaris 2 hand-held meter makes it easy to measure dissolved oxygen and temperature. The flat foil pushbuttons are easy to operate and the instrument is always ready to use – just press the “on” button and measure. Dissolved oxygen values are shown both in mg/l (ppm) and % saturation – the user chooses which parameter is shown in large figures. Polaris 2 has a memory that can contain 3000 complete sets of data – each with values of mg/l (ppm), % saturation, temperature, time and date. Values can be stored either automatically at preset time intervals, or manually. You can group values according to the place of measurement. Stored values can be transferred to a PC using the Polaris Link, which connects to the PC via a USB cable. The data logging and transfer capabilities, and other functions such as automatic calibration and self-check of the probe and meter, combine with the well-known accuracy, reliability and low maintenance needs of the OxyGuard Handy series to make an instrument that will serve you well for many years to come.