Sterner RAS Module

Sterner has developed a module based RAS-system, where each tank unit has its own recirculation plant (RAS)

Compared to traditional centralized RAS systems the Module solution brings several advantages:

  • Each unit is a biologically single unit
  • Individual freedom for temperature and salinity
  • Makes step-wise construction possible
  • Smaller investment and lower running costs

In addition to RAS modules, we also build complete facilities for water treatment and reuse. Here, however, we have no standard solutions. In the same way as with RAS modules, we build all our knowledge and experience in water treatment, such as gas exchange, oxygenation, fish transport, sorting, dead fish handling etc. We are also able to offer the highest safety on feed water to prevent infectious agents being introduced. We can also offer ozone treatment both before and after bioreactor, in combinations with filter solutions. These steps contribute to a clear water in the RAS system.

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