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RAS plant at Sande Settefisk on schedule

Sande settefisk skisse innendørs

The construction of the new RAS plant at Sande Settefisk will be finished on time, according to project manager Thomas Haugehåtveit at Sterner.

“We are currently having great variations in the weather. In week 49 we had a full blizzard and the week after there was a rise in temperature and the snow was gone. Nevertheless, the project is progressing according to plan, and the turnkey moment is expected to come at the end of October 2022”, states Mr. Haugehåtveit.

Sande Settefisk in Gloppen, Norway, is establishing a new plant for the production of post-smolt, and Sterner is cosntructing the plant. The new production unit will increase the annual capacity from 1 to 5 million smolts. The facility will produce salmon and rainbow trout, and will supply Nordfjord Laks and Svanøy Havbruk, fish farms who in addition to Hyen Fisk are the owners of Sande Settefisk.

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The plant being built consists of 3 sections, each with a maximum feeding capacity of 1500 kg. pr. day, a total of 4500 kg.

Skisse av nytt RAS anlegg for Sande Settefisk

This week detailed planning of the mounting phase is taking place, the mounting will start when Overhalla Bygg is in place to set up the element building by the end of February/beginning of March.