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Sterner wins contract for water treatment at the new Fremmerholen Water Treatment Plant in Ålesund

Fremmerholen Vannbehandlingsanlegg prosjektskisse

Sterner has been chosen as the supplier of water treatment for Fremmerholen Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Ålesund Municipality, Norway. The contract has already been signed, and the Project Manager for Ålesund, Marthe Therese Strømme, says that the municipality is very pleased with both the price and quality.

Fremmerholen WTP will provide clean water to almost 70 000 residents in Ålesund, Sula, and reserve water in Giske, Norway. The facility will consist of the water treatment plant, pumping station, and transmission lines and is planned to start operating from the fall of 2026.

Already well underway

Construction work is already well underway. The first concrete work has started on the site of the plant, while preparation work such as clearing and test drilling has begun on the site of the raw water pumping station.

The contract for the water treatment itself, worth approximately 85 million NOK, has been won by Sterner. This includes machinery and processes, pipes, pumps, and filters, in addition to commissioning the plant. The work will be carried out in collaboration with Momek Services AS. Momek and Sterner have a close partnership that ensures scalability for Sterner’s technology and provides even greater industrial weight to the market.

Fundament Rentvannsbasseng Fremmerholen Vannbehandlingsanlegg anleggsplass

Sterner is a Norwegian company with over 30 years of experience in purification technology. The company operates in four markets, where in addition to drinking water treatment, they also provide wastewater treatment and water treatment for wellboats and the aquaculture industry.

Very satisfied with the equipment for the plant
Project manager for the Fremmerholen WTP, Marthe Therese Strømme, says they were in negotiations with several suppliers, but Sterner had the best offer in terms of both quality and price.

«We are pleased to have Sterner on board for the construction of the water treatment plant, and we are very satisfied with the equipment and components they have selected, and which will be used in the water treatment plant.»

The main delivery from Sterner will be in 2025, but the company will already start delivering parts to be cast and built into the building from spring 2024. In addition, production of the equipment to be delivered will begin shortly.

Significant contract for Sterner
Bjarne Pettersen, CEO of Sterner, says the contract is significant for the company and looks forward to continuing the good cooperation with the municipality.
Kontraktsignering Sterner Fremmerholen Vannbehandlingsanlegg
Terje Melseth, Chief Construction Manager for the Fremmerholen Water Treatment Plant, Novaform; Marthe Therese Strømme, Project Manager, Ålesund Municipality; Øystein Bye, Sales Engineer, Sterner; Ingunn Osdal Stette, Assistant Chief of Community Affairs, Ålesund Municipality; Ellef Kure, Managing Director Water Treatment, Sterner; Håkon Østby-Berge, Project Manager, Sterner; Jørgen Hov Lauritsen, Project Manager, Momek Services; and Tore Pettersen, Lead of the Design Group, Asplan Viak.
«This contract proves that our focus over several decades on the municipal drinking water market has put us in a strong position to deliver both large and small water treatment systems to municipalities in Norway. Fremmerholen WTP will be an impressive process engineering feat, and the facility will ensure the supply of clean water to the Ålesund region in the future. We are naturally very proud to deliver such an exciting project, and we are grateful for the trust Ålesund Municipality has shown us through this process.»