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References Drinking water

Vatne VBA


Customer: Ålesund Kommune
Year: 2021

New process step for color removal and improved hygiene safety at Vatne Water Treatment Plant.
Load/Capacity: Qdim 90 m3/h
Numer of lines: 2 lines with contact tank and biofilter
Process gas: Ozone from oxygen (produced at the plant)

Hole VV


Customer: Hole Kommune
Year: 2012

Tunkey contract for process equipment at Bønsnes water treatment plant
Load/Capacity: Qdim 216 m3/h
Consultant: COWI AS

Modum VBA

Water treatment plant

Customer: Modum Kommune
Year: 2020-2021

UV plant for disinfection og drinking water
Load/Capacity: 3x180m3/h @T10 = 75%
Contract type: Turnkey
Consultant: Asplan Viak

Botnastranda VBA

Carbonatizing system

Customer: Kinn commune
Year: 2011-2012

UV plant for disinfection og drinking water
Load/Capacity: 560 m3/h
Consultant: Norconsult, Sogndal

Kattås VBA

Water treatment system

Customer: Asker og Bærum
Year: 2008-2009

Load/Capacity: 5400 m3/h
Contract type: Turnkey
Consultant: SWECO